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Running in Stilettos

flip flop fanatic & frequent flyer

15 November
i procrastinate... i'll tell you all about me later.

I always knew looking back on my tears would bring me laughter, but I never knew looking back on my laughter would make me cry. - Cat Stevens
advertising, ali g, antique restoration, anything & everything fun, arizona, art, austin, ballet, beach trips, beaumont, beck, bob dylan, burt's bees, candy, cat stevens, caves, central market, chanel, chitty bang bang, christianity, circus trees, clouds, color, comfy quilts, communication, conan o'brien, cooking, creativity, digital cameras, elizabeth young, emily post etiquette, fitness, flaming lips, flavored coffee, flight, flipflops, freehand, friends, friendster, fruit cheesecake, gardening, germs, ginger man, glaciers, golive, good food, good ideas, good movies, good soundtracks, graphic design, hgtv, hiking, hills, honesty, hot chocolate, hugs, hygiene, ice cream, ipods, jack daniels, jack johnson, james taylor, jane green, jon stewart, journey, juicing, jumping, kicking, kingwood, la carafe, laughing, lipbalm, madlibs, martini, mp3s, museums, myspace, nacogdoches, neil diamond, neurology, nip/tuck, organizing, outdoors, parks, people who smell nice, phoenix, photography, photoshop, pictures, pinching, pineapple, pingpong, pool, puzzles, quark, radiohead, rain, rainbows, reading, resourceful, roadtrips, rocks, san antonio, sandals, sarah silverman, sarcasm, scrabble, sex in the city, shiner bock, skydiving, skyventure, slipnslides, smiles, smoothies, soup, southern california, squash, star pizza, stars, stephen colbert, storms, sugar gliders, sunshine, super soaker, sweet leaf tea, swimming, talking, texas, the ocean, thunder, travel, trigger happy tv, tropical flowers, tubing, tulips, typography, unbreakable, uspa, van morrison, video editing, volcanos, water, web design, ween, willie nelson, wine, yoga