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weeee it's that time of year =)

i can feel the cold coming in when i walk by windows.
around 9:45 i was freeeezing (hands and feet mostly, like always). so i threw my quilt in the dryer, heated up some southwest chicken soup, and headed back to my room to spend some quality time with jon stewart and steven cobert (though not at the same time!! i'm not like that...) hehehe!!! .... i know, i'm a dork.
anyway, the cobert report was actually kinda funny tonight. i hope it stays that way.
OH! the heat also got kicked on for the first time this season. that thing is so confusing.... i hate digital "i know you better than you" thermometers. i love that smell it makes right when it kicks on after being off for 10 months. on top of that, i finally got my down comforter out of my closet. comfy, comfy! i'm going to sleep sooooooo good tonight. or maybe just get really hot. it just depends on texas =\
Tags: life, weather

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